two small words


Summergrove Estate, 2018. Photo credit: BXCSMXTH

Summergrove Estate, 2018. Photo credit: BXCSMXTH

I’m an unnatural blonde who is fiercely loyal to my tribe but known to flip the bird at rude drivers. 

When I’m not writing rom-com ceremonies, I keep busy trying to raise three socially conscious feminist kids and googling things I pretend to know about.

I’m married to a ridiculously smart husband who (in his own opinion) hasn’t aged a day since I supposedly cheated off him in a maths exam. 

I secretly wish I were Irish.  I have a tendency to over-use emojis and I suddenly start swearing profusely whenever I’m in the company of Canadians!!!

I have a great poker face, a contagious smile and I’m the person you want around in an emergency (unless it involves spiders).

But most importantly, I love marrying down to earth couples who prefer a little humour with their romance, can take a bit of teasing, and want a wedding that will stand out from the rest.