two small words






Kate & Patrick

We will remember how much we laughed and felt so much joy. We anticipated the ceremony part to be the bit that needs to happen before the fun, but it really was just as fun and made the whole day such a ball!

Christian & Stephen

You went so above and beyond we almost needed oxygen masks. You created a ceremony that brought in such personality, such love for us, and such entertainment, it will be remembered by everyone that attended. Everyone said afterwards that it was the most personal, enjoyable and memorable ceremony they have ever attended.... and we believe them.
 Photo by  Heart & Colour

Cam & Chloe

Rach made our wedding about US! I know that might seem like the most obvious thing in the world, but it truly reflected the way we felt about each other, how much we love and appreciate our friends and family, and that we love to have a laugh.

Renee & adam

Thank you so much for officiating our ceremony!  We had such a good time and received so many compliments about your warm genuine style and how "us" the ceremony was - thank you for taking the time to incorporate all of the elements we desired. Thank you so much!

 Photo by  Luke Middlemiss

skye & Jon

Thank you so much for everything!  You were amazing and I’ve had so many of my friends say what a great job you did, so thank you so much!