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Photo by  Alcorn Images

Photo by Alcorn Images

Grace & jake, mercure Clear Mountain 2019

I can’t begin to explain how much i loved the ceremony, we had so many compliments for how you presented everything and I had a lot of people asking for your details! It was more perfect than I could have imagined and so us! Because we are so private I didn’t have the highest expectations but oh my god it was a great way to start off the day.

Thank you again for how you put everything together, perfection.

Christian & Stephen, Hillstone St Lucia 2018

You went so above and beyond we almost needed oxygen masks. You created a ceremony that brought in such personality, such love for us, and such entertainment, it will be remembered by everyone that attended. Everyone said afterwards that it was the most personal, enjoyable and memorable ceremony they have ever attended.... and we believe them.

Photo by T ennille Fink

Photo by Tennille Fink

Brit & Elliot, la vieille branche 2018

Rach, I wish I could put it in better words than “you were amazing”. But you simply were. I feel like you set the tone for the rest of the night and everyone got the vibe that this wedding was a extension of us as a couple. Alot of laughs with just as much love. I think every one was in shock at how great it was. I don't know if i or anyone else had ever been to a wedding where the ceremony was so fun yet still had heart to it. It was the perfect balance.

Photo by  Figtree P ictures

Photo by Figtree Pictures

nick & nell, santai 2018

Rachel was perfect from the start! I instantly felt at ease! On the day she was as calm as a cucumber, putting me right at ease! She was happy and joyful and made our ceremony flow beautifully!

Photo by  Mitch Carlin

Photo by Mitch Carlin

kelli & Brent, novotel twin waters 2018

We couldn't have chosen a more amazing celebrant! I hope that we cross paths at one of our friends or families weddings down the track!