two small words


Rachel Green

I’m an unnatural blonde (sshh!) who is fiercely loyal to my tribe but known to flip the bird at rude drivers. 

When I’m not penning bespoke ceremonies, I keep busy trying to raise three socially conscious feminist kids and googling things I pretend to know about.

I’m married to a ridiculously smart husband who (in his own opinion) hasn’t aged a day since I supposedly cheated off him in a maths exam. 

I secretly wish I were Irish.  I have a tendency to over-use emoticons in un-ironic ways.  And I suddenly start swearing profusely whenever I’m in the company of Canadians!!!

One day I will be a non-celebrity ambassador for Haagen Dazs and host a BBQ with Brandon Stanton, Sarah Kay, Trevor Noah and Brene Brown as the guests of honour.  You can come too.